E3 2013: Xbox One to Cost £429/$499 – Conference Roundup

June 10, 2013 by  

Microsoft’s next console is launching this November…

Microsoft confirmed today at it’s E3 conference that the Xbox One will launch this November for £429 in the UK and $499 in the US. They didn’t touch on the controversial used games policy or it’s TV-focused box but instead focused all it’s attention on games including Metal Gear Solid V, Dead Rising 3, Crimson Dragon, a new Halo and yes…a new Killer Instinct.

Overall it was a good press conference, albeit with a few tech issues with showing some games like Battlefield 4 (awkward) and the price is a little on the high side in this economy, but it was good to see them ditch Microsoft Points at last and to adopt a “PS-Plus” type of membership for Gold members that will receive 2 free games a month.

With the date and price now on the table, it’s Sony move. Will they launch later/earlier and will they offer the PS4 at a more affordable price? We’ll hopefully find out later today…

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