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Xbox One Review: Vesta

February 7, 2018 by  

Can this charming puzzler be a solid in-vesta-ment?

Vesta is an isometric puzzle game where you play as both little girl Vesta and a robot who you switch between to reach the next room. The puzzles follow a pattern of grabbing power supplies, using them on outlets to power up lifts and doors to reach the exit. These power supplies can be grabbed from other outlets, but mostly from other robots who want to kill you.

It’s here where it gets interesting as your ally robot can only disable the enemy ones for a short time, meaning you have to quickly switch back to Vesta and pull out the power source while they are still disabled. On top of this, you’ll need a number of power supplies to open the final door to finish the level.

This can mean planning in advance or having to backtrack and figure out how to get to where you were, while making sure you have enough to advance. There are also a number of boss battles which although easy in theory, will take a few goes to figure out the correct way to proceed. The game also has collectibles stashed in safes, boxes and cryogenic chambers. The visuals may be a little on the basic side, but the art design is cute and while there’s no voice-acting, the dialogue is well written.

The Verdict

On the whole, Vesta is an adorable puzzler that is actually quite deceiving. The puzzles start out fairly easy, but become quite complex later on and while it’s a short game on the whole, it’s worth every penny. It may not be the most advanced game visually, but it has a charm to it that is undeniable and well worth being a part of your collection.

Score: 8.0

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