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Xbox One Review: The Council – Episode 2: Hide and Seek

June 5, 2018 by  

How far does the rabbit hole go?

Louis de Richet is on Lord Mortimer’s island where he is still in search of his mother. Here he has met a collection of the most influential people alive, invited to help reshape the world. His investigation is interrupted by tragic events on the second night in the mansion, meaning Louis must answer to the enigmatic Lord Mortimer. Meanwhile the Spanish head of state joins the guests and brings news that threatens the stability of all of Europe – Louis must pick a side as factions begin to form.

Episode 1 stood as a great opener to this intriguing episodic series, establishing the characters of the island and their agendas shrouded in mystery, while Louis searches for clues to his mother’s disappearance while having to deal with political fallouts from Europe and having to pick sides, as well as having to solve a brutal murder.

We finally get to meet Lord Mortimer who is shocked at the murder and tasks Louis to solve it, which pins all the evidence on one suspect who is more than willing to admit it, even though it’s clearly a setup. So, if not that suspect, then who?

We don’t find the answers we need in this episode, but we do discover new parts of the Manor including some secret areas and discovering something before the credits roll and Louis has been followed, but by who? We’ll have to wait to Episode 3 to find out. Overall, a lot of areas from Episode 1 are reused, but the choices you have to make are still tricky and we find more and more about the characters as we go. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out in future episodes.

The Verdict

Episode 2 is a bit shorter than the opening episode, but it’s still enough to entice you to want Episode 3 instantly. Let’s hope the wait isn’t too long…

Score: 8.0

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