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Xbox One Review: N++

October 9, 2017 by  

The tough-as-nails platformer finally gets an Xbox One release…

The original N+ was an insane platformer that saw releases on pretty much everything from Xbox 360 to Nintendo DS, I never thought they could top such a crazy level of difficulty, but they managed to do with the sequel N++. Fast-forward to 2017 and the game finally lands on the Xbox One…

The object of the game is simple. You jump, dodge and rebound from walls, collecting gold pieces to extend the time for each level. There’s also a button you have to hit to open the exit door before you can enter and finish the level. These levels are short but incredibly challenging, brutal even. The sequel even allows you to create your own levels for your own sadistic pleasure of torturing other gamers with your evil designs.

There are a lot of levels, as well as modes such as classic, races and even co-op. It’ll take a lot of time if not all time to actually beat this beast to 100%, but obviously, it depends on your skill set. Now I’ve been playing platformers since 1990 at the ripe age of 3 and like to think I’m somewhat decent at them, but the N++ games of this world are brutal beyond measure. I thought the Lost Levels of Super Mario Bros. were cruel, but this is something else.

That doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun, however. Not all levels are impossible, some will just take you a while and hundreds of lives to complete. The replay value is near endless due to the high difficulty and addictive nature to overcome the levels. The game’s visuals are basic, but work well and run at a solid framerate.

The Verdict

Brutal by nature, N++ steps up the difficulty from the original to make it a more addictive and cruel game, while letting you be cruel too by letting you design your own nightmare levels. So go, be creative and make levels that will steal the souls of who plays it. We won’t tell…

Score: 8.5

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