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PSVR Review: Time Carnage

May 10, 2018 by  

Throw the “Don’t Tread on a Butterfly” rule away and this is the result…

Time Carnage is your typical shooting gallery game that pits you against robots, dinosaurs, monsters and zombies across different time and space. You are stationary throughout, only moving your head to look at your foes and using the Move controllers to shoot wave after wave of enemies.

There’s a campaign mode, as well as an arcade and challenge mode. But ultimately, the game becomes repetitive quickly and is best played in short doses before shooting seems almost like a chore. The campaign doesn’t really have any sort of story to it either, it feels redundant and ultimately would have been more enjoyable with just the arcade mode with added perks. It’s not that I don’t like shooters like this, but they do wear thin quickly.

As a VR experience itself, the game handles well and runs smoothly overall. I didn’t notice any drops in framerate and using the Move controllers felt natural within the setting. Visually, the game is on the basic side but it’s still a good-looking game overall.

The Verdict

Time Carnage is a fun shooter, but it’s ultimately short-lived and best played in small bursts before it becomes tedious. Still, it’s an impressive entry for PSVR and worth a try.

Score: 7.0

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