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PSVR Review: Arizona Sunshine

July 13, 2017 by  

Zombies and VR? Count me in!

Arizona Sunshine is a PSVR shooter against hordes of zombies that you battle through a 4-hour campaign, as well as an endless mode which shoves wave after wave at you. You can also play the Endless mode through online multiplayer for a helping hand.

The control methods are the traditional Dualshock controller, Move as well as the recently released PSVR Aim controller. Sadly, I don’t yet own a PSVR Aim controller so I was unable to test that particular method…but I can say that the Move controllers are the best way if you don’t have the Aim…which I hear is the better way overall.

The campaign is brief, but great fun…even if the zombies behave predictably. The most fun, however, comes from working together with a friend or stranger to battle wave after wave of the undead. I did notice it took a while to find a partner though.

Visually, Arizona Sunshine is a technical marvel for PSVR. The locations are nicely detailed, the zombies are well animated and the gore from headshots look great. The VR itself suits the gameplay well and I can’t imagine playing it without.

The Verdict

My only issue with Arizona Sunshine is it’s price tag of £32.99. It’s a great game and a nice new use for the PSVR Aim controller for those who picked up Farpoint. The enemies may be predictable and the game doesn’t hold many surprises, but it is memorable and fun which is what counts overall.

Score: 7.5

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