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PS4 Review: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Sabotage DLC

February 21, 2017 by  

4 new maps and a new Zombies mode await…

The first DLC map pack for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare contains a brand new Zombies mode called “Rave in the Redwoods” which has a 90s theme to it and has Kevin Smith as an unlockable character. It’s the main event of the DLC in my book, which contains new enemy types and a whole bunch of new challenges to overcome. Besides the main weapons, there are also a number of melee weapons like a baseball bat, golf club and so on.

It’s definitely just as challenging as past modes, the highest round I ever got to was Round 15…but I’m hardly the greatest at the mode. The map itself is pretty big, set in the woods with camps, caves, lodges and a centre stage for a rave. It’s easy to get lost and will take a while to get around, but also learning the map will take some time too.

Besides the new Zombies mode, 4 new maps are included. Dominion is actually a reimagined version of MW2’s Afghan map, while Neon is a simulation inspired map where your character is reduced to pixels when they die. Renaissance is based on Venice and is tight-quarters, fast-paced madness.

Finally, Noir is a grim futuristic version of Brooklyn’s streets. All are pretty impressive maps and more than expand the scope of the game. Visually, the new content looks great and the framerate doesn’t suffer. The load times aren’t too bad either.

The Verdict

Sabotage is a great first step for Infinite Warfare’s DLC package. If the other 3 packs are anywhere near as good as this, then we’ll have plenty to do before the next COD drops.

Score: 8.5

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