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PS4 Review: Batman – The Enemy Within: Episode 3 – Fractured Mask

December 5, 2017 by  

Just what are the Pact planning?

Episode 2 of The Enemy Within ended with Bruce being “introduced” to Catwoman in the Pact’s lair, something I didn’t see coming. So far, this season has been full of twists and turns like Lucius Fox and Riddler’s death, but also the surprise that the “package” that they captured was none other than Riddler’s body. Why would the Pact want his body?

Before we get to that, we have to deal with the awkwardness between Bruce and Selina as they have to fake not knowing each other, while both trying to figure out their hand in working with the Pact. We have to also deal with Harley and the gang being suspicious of a mole while maintaining your cover, which could go either way by the end of the episode. Episode 3 is a nice step forward for the story, while adding in some great scenes between Bruce and John.

It’s a shorter episode but builds things up nicely for the penultimate episode where either Selina or Bruce’s cover is blown and the fallout for Episode 4 will be huge. Visually, the episode is as strong as past entries and maintains a solid framerate, while voice-acting is superb as always as is the soundtrack.

The Verdict

Episode 3 may be shorter than the past two episodes, but it pushes the story forward with some tense moments and builds towards an exciting penultimate episode.

Score: 8.5

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