Nintendo Direct: 3DS XL Announced

June 22, 2012 by  

Also, Smash Bros handed to Namco Bandai…

So, Nintendo decided to keep these two bits of info from us over E3. The question is WHY? If we heard these two important facts, then we might have been less harsh with the whole “Nintendoland” thing. But still, it’s welcome news and the 3DS XL looks sweet. I must have it! Just a shame that great titles like Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem will miss out on 2012, hitting early 2013 instead, The 3DS XL doesn’t even come with an AC Adaptor, strange I know! There’s no Circle Pad Pro added either, but given the negativity surrounding it, I can’t say I’m totally surprised.

I was surprised to hear that Namco Bandai have been handed Smash Bros, they didn’t exactly do well with the last Nintendo project they got handed…(Star Fox Assault….shudders) but let’s hope it delivers that classic Smash experience we’ve come to love. The price of the 3DS XL is $199.99 but UK retailers have yet to put a price tag on the new handheld, just like before the launch of the original 3DS. Hopefully this time they’ll get it right…

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