Majora’s Mask Remake Confirmed with Trailer and Screenshots!

November 6, 2014 by  

Zelda classic finally getting the 3DS treatment in 2015…

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_11

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_10

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_09

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_08

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_07

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_06

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_05

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_04

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_03

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_02

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_01

Also announced was a Special Edition, which also has a unboxing video here:

The guys at Operation Moonfall can give themselves a pat on the back now, well done guys!

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