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E3 2017: Nintendo Spotlight Highlights

June 13, 2017 by  

Metroid fans rejoice! Prime 4 announced and much more!

Nintendo have just shown off their E3 lineup. First up was a trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2:

A new untitled Kirby game:

The main shock announcement that made me scream “HOLY F**K IT’S METROID PRIME 4!!!!!!

A new untitled Yoshi game:

As well as Fire Emblem Warriors from Koei Tecmo:

A quick look at the first expansion pack for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as well as hints to the second story-related pack and Amiibo announcements for the 4 warriors that feature in the game:

Rocket League is coming to the Switch later this year!

And we finally end on a new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey with an October 2017 release date!!

No mention of a Virtual Console launch or Nintendo’s online subscription, but we all know it’ll emerge eventually…overall though, the Metroid announcement takes the biggest surprise since Beyond Good and Evil 2 was shown. Hopefully we’ll get more details soon.

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