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Xbox One Preview: Yooka-Laylee

January 26, 2017 by · Comments Off on Xbox One Preview: Yooka-Laylee 

How is Banjo’s spiritual successor looking?
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Xbox One Preview: We Happy Few

August 16, 2016 by · Comments Off on Xbox One Preview: We Happy Few 

Are you off your Joy?
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Xbox One Preview: ARK: Survival Evolved

January 5, 2016 by · Comments Off on Xbox One Preview: ARK: Survival Evolved 

More than just Minecraft: Jurassic Edition?
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Exclusive Metal Gear Solid V Interview: Stefanie Joosten (Quiet)

October 22, 2015 by · 1 Comment 

Quiet actress answers our pressing questions!

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The evolution of F1 gaming

July 20, 2015 by · Comments Off on The evolution of F1 gaming 

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Best games to come out of E3 2015

July 14, 2015 by · Comments Off on Best games to come out of E3 2015 

Best games to come out of E3 2015

The E3 conference has long remained the hotspot for the latest ground-breaking advancements in the console gaming industry as a plethora of developers reveal their latest upcoming titles which they hope will be big hits within the gaming community. The Los Angeles Convention Center in California was the venue for this year’s conference which came with considerable excitement and hype that gaming would be taken to new levels through ever-increasing advancements in graphics, animation capture technology and processing speeds that allow developers to push the boundaries of possibility further than ever before.

Microsoft, along with the likes of Bethesda and Ubisoft, pulled out all the stops to make E3 2015 one of the most memorable and ground-breaking in history, with head of Xbox division Phil Spencer revealing backwards compatibility on the Xbox One which will allow gamers to play Xbox 360 games on their current-gen console and communicate with last-gen gamers. More importantly, the conference finally provided an opportunity for leading developers to finally break their silence and release their upcoming games, with some coming as a huge surprise to those who attended and watched via numerous online streams. Although iGaming received its own exclusive coverage at the Gaming Executive Summit in Barcelona where the industry’s elite CEOs came together to discuss an array of iGame markets and how they can provide gamers with the very best casino games possible, from providers such as Euro Palace, E3 remained on the pulse of everything related to consoles, PC and mobile gaming.

Fallout 4

Bethesda have kept gamers waiting five years for any news of the next instalment in the hugely popular Fallout series, but they chose E3 as the perfect place to break their silence and surprise everyone by announcing the upcoming title, Fallout 4. Lead developer Tom Howard revealed many facets of the game whilst on stage during Bethesda’s exclusive exhibition, as gamers got a real insight into what the game will look and feel like on current-gen consoles and PC. Fallout 4 is set in Boston and rewinds back to a time before nuclear war breaks out and affects many areas of America, with gamers, who can play as a man or a woman, emerging 200 years later in a post-apocalyptic wasteland as the only survivor of Vault 111 to survive, find shelter and discover new areas of the world. Gamers will also be accompanied by a dog that can fight, sniff out nearby danger and pick items up to provide a useful companion when travelling through the vast wastelands. Howard revealed numerous other features in the game, including the ability to build shelters using scrap items picked up through the wasteland, which, accompanied with superb visuals and the ever-popular combat mode V.A.T.S., could become the best game of 2015.

Halo 5: Guardians

There was always likely to be more instalments in the hugely popular Halo series, but while many gamers continue to sink their teeth in the Halo: Master Chief Collection and play through the classic games that have been released over the years, Halo 5: Guardians could potentially blow everything out of the water. 343 Industries revealed at E3 that the new title will be made for Xbox One only, with the game following the quest of Spartan Locke, who is thrust into colony worlds that are unexpectedly attacked and tasked with the objective to find Master Chief who goes missing and solve a mystery that could alter the course of history for an entire galaxy. Parts of the story mode were revealed at E3, but the big coverage was based upon a new mode called Warzone which features maps that are four times bigger than any other Halo-based environments. The mode is based upon twelve-versus-twelve combat in a typical all-out shooter, but also throws in the inclusion of AI enemies which adds more variation to the game; rounds can be won in a number of ways to keep things interesting and create a game that many Halo fans will clamour to buy upon its release in late October.

The Best Platformers in the History of Gaming

May 17, 2015 by · Comments Off on The Best Platformers in the History of Gaming 

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The evolution of F1 gaming

April 14, 2015 by · Comments Off on The evolution of F1 gaming 

For many years, racing games have been one of the best-selling genres of video games. Titles such as Burnout and Gran Turismo have become legendary in many a gamer’s mind.

But an impressive subgenre in this realm are the Formula 1 racing games that have managed to deliver an impressive emulation of all of the excitement and drama of this iconic racing sport. So here’s a quick look back at some of gaming’s F1 successes.

Formula 1 for PS1

All the way back in 1996, Sony launched its first racing game in the official Formula 1 series. This game took advantage of the ground-breaking technology at the time to deliver a highly playable racing experience that allowed players to complete a full F1 season either against computer opposition or against a fellow player.

The game was praised for its realism and gameplay, and was also notable for the introduction of in-game commentary that was used to give the game an element of excitement much like the real time F1 updates offered by the Coral site.

F-1 World Grand Prix for N64

In 1998 Nintendo gave the N64 a much needed racing game with F-1 World Grand Prix. This featured a racing competition that was based on the 1997 racing season and featured all of the stars of the era.

The game was notable for its highly realistic aspects of extreme weather conditions, as well as detailed information about how technical details such as tyre tread and fuel levels affected the driving performance.

F1 2011 – 2013

Many gamers were delighted with the news that award-winning games developers Codemasters had been granted the license for Formula One games in 2011.

The team behind great racing games such as Colin McRae Rally gave the game a much greater attention to detail, and also introduced an option that enabled gamers to drive a variety of classic cars and circuits with the skills of legendary drivers such as Nigel Mansell.

F1 2015

And finally, F1 fans got the news that they’d been waiting for recently when Codemasters announced the arrival of the latest F1 game in June of this year.

The game will feature on the new next gen consoles of PS4, Xbox One as well as PC platforms, and will include all of the updated features that you’d expect such as a spectacular visual display, along with improved handling of the cars through a new physics model of how the tyres adapt to the track.

And most interestingly, the game also promises to use voice recognition technology that will allow you to communicate to your team in the pit via a headset!

What was it about Gamesys that made it so attractive to Intertain?

March 31, 2015 by · Comments Off on What was it about Gamesys that made it so attractive to Intertain? 

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Best TV show and film remakes in the games industry

March 10, 2015 by · Comments Off on Best TV show and film remakes in the games industry 

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